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Can I just talk about Taylor Swift for a minute?

  • The people who complain about Taylor’s lyrics are not hating on Taylor Swift as a person. We’re complaining about Taylor’s choice of writing songs that blatantly slut shame.
  • I understand that you feel you “relate” to these songs as a teenage/young woman. That’s fine. You connect with songs about wanting boyfriends and having boyfriends, kissing in the rain, and wearing pretty dresses. That is fine and dandy - I personally have no problem with someone relating to that. However, I do have a problem with that most of her songs advocate the bashing of other women. Taylor’s main focus in songs is men. Within this, any other woman in the equation is a whore who just want to steal HER man (because any man you go out with BELONGS to you, obviously.) As shown through her songs that feature comments about “the other woman” this other woman is always sexually available, dresses provocatively, and is DEFINITELY NOT A VIRGIN. Because obviously, a woman’s worth is based purely on the amount of sex she has had. A woman who is with a man that you want is not a slut, she is just a woman who is with a man that you want. A woman who slept with your boyfriend is not a slut, she is a woman who slept with your asshole of a boyfriend. The word “slut” is so ridiculously offensive to women and it implies that we are not allowed to do as we choose with out bodies without being ashamed for it.
  • On the note of the song which is causing a lot of debate (“Better than Revenge”) - and disregarding the fact that I think it is fun to jam too - it is not empowering and it does not make Taylor fierce. She does not have “guts” to write it. It’s shows, which Taylor has shown multiple times in her songs that she does not care about her fellow woman. She cares about getting a man, keeping a man, and anyone who gets in the way of that for her is a slut. Writing a song about what someone else does in the bedroom is incredibly immature and ignorant. It is not her place to comment on someone’s sexual choices. I understand that the woman mentioned in this song hurt her for ending up with the man that Taylor was with, but that does not make this woman a slut. It may make her inconsiderate, but she is not a slut/whore/etc.
  • You can tell me if I don’t like it, I don’t have to listen to it. It’s true, I don’t, but the songs are catchy. I like the music as a whole and although I may have qualms with a lot of the lyrics the songs are easy on the ears. So I will continue to listen to it, and I will continue to critique it as well.
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    PREACH GIRL. I am so sick and tired of Taylor Swift and her slut-shaming ways. A woman’s worth is NOT based on how many...
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